About Us

Welcome to Scented Skin by De'Elle! I'm pleased that you are interested in our natural solid fragrances. 

  I am DeAungie Henderson, the founder and crafter of ScentedSkin byDe'Elle. I was born native in Memphis, TN. and raised in a family of hard workers that is well educated, holds good moral standards, and family oriented. I am wife and a mother of two children and grandchildren. 

ScentedSkin by De'Elle started as a hobby and educating family and friends on different types of natural regimens. Scented Skin by De'Elle gave birth when I noticed that many people had dilemma that natural products all smell unpleasant. Furthermore, statistics shows many of us lack intake of vital nutrients from fruits, plant based food and vegetables which is the key to good healthy lifestyle and skin. 

Scented Skin byDe'Elle's mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle and create nourishing skin and hair products that deprive from natural and organic fruits, vegetables and plant extracts to help offset the lack of nutrients we intake.  

  We offer a wide range of fun, delectable scented skin products that will nourish, treat and protect our natural beauty. Scented  Skin by De'Elle products are handcrafted and carefully blended to create a luxury feel to our lotions, oils, creams using the purest essential oils and safe for all skin types. Non of Scented Skin by De'Elle products aren't watered down or contain harmful chemicals including, fillers, alcohol, sulfate, synthetics, GMO, or Polyacrylamide. Our products are tested on friends and family and never on animals. 

So be amazing, you are original and there's a natural way to beauty!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Sincerely, DeAungie Henderson